About Us

M-Auto is the exclusive Auto Rickshaw booking app in Chennai.


Mauto is the first largest fleet ever to employ women drivers for auto rickshaw. It's first of its kind to also have gender inclusion in Transportation in India. Mauto is the brainchild of Mr. Mansoor Alikhan , who is known for his contribution towards auto rickshaw community people. Mauto aims to bring more women drivers all over India in order to ensure safety for children and women passengers. Currently our fleet is spread in various parts of India with 53000 drivers and we aim to have 2,00,000 drivers by 2020 in which 10,000 women drivers and 1000 Transgender drivers. The inexperienced women and Transgenders are trained with driving skills and they are provided with training and knowledge to build their confidence level and motivate them to achieve success and best in life. we majorly concentrate on providing last mile connectivity. we also provide scheduled rides with monthly packages for schools and work places. which is first of its kind.


M-AUTO Mobile App is meant for anyone, who likes to travel in an Auto rick-shaw. Mobile app can be installed and accessed from anywhere at any time by just a click on your mobile device and incase of merging up with government we will give complete authorization for the government also to track the auto rickshaws. MAuto contributes to the Digital evolution of India by making the on-demand Auto services a reality for people. Join hands and become a part of MAuto today, click the link to download our App and explore your options for a seamless travel. This app for auto rickshaws can line up every single auto under one control abiding with the government rates and this would keep auto drivers busy with number of trips lining up next hence auto drivers would stop demanding and start earning in a fixed form. This app is an on-demand auto rickshaw app, which connects passengers wishing to travel from one point to another within a particular city.


M-Auto has initiated its reliable service in its home-town Chennai – the city well-known for quality auto-rickshaws in the world.
To employ all the underprivileged and unemployed women, who are aspired to work as a driver.
The main focus of MAuto is purely a social concern. Which is to empower women & men to become successful entrepreneurs.